Bespoke I.T Support

I.T Support


At Bextec we tailor make our I.T support around your company. We believe in our bespoke approach rather than a one size fits nobody service. With our expert technicians we build support structures which give your I.T backbone.

Our services can include:

Managing data back-ups,

Software updates,

Installing new hardware,

Over the phone support to staff,

Remote monitoring and support,

Server management,

Azure services,

Microsoft 365 management.

In-fact our I.T support is scalable to any size or organisation and is invoiced as such. You only pay for what you need and use nothing more. If your company grows services can be added, like wise if you company consolidates we can trim our services also. Its this flexible approach to I.T support which makes us stand above the crowd.

Contact us to see if we can support your essential I.T.

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