Managed Data Services

Managed Data Services

All modern companies and organisations collect huge amounts of data. This needs to be stored safely but also be accessible to all appropriate members of your team. We can provide a comprehensive managed data solution to meet your needs whatever your scale. Using well maintained servers and online cloud technology we can keep your data safe yet accessible to the right people in your organisation.

Whether you have a server based system, or work from p.c.s all data needs to be backed up on a regular basis with copies kept safe until needed. We can ensure this happens remotely from our West Yorkshire office. Minimising risk and downtime for your organisation is the aim of our service. Our qualified engineers prepare and implement bespoke routines to ensure your data is safe and only accessible to the correct users in your organisation.

We believe data should be stored in multiple locations to ensure continuity in case of a malware attack or indeed a catastrophic equipment malfunction. We do this seamlessly using Microsoft cloud service which offers data storage and back up on multiple servers across different locations. Managing your users, passwords and levels of authorisation we think our systems are robust and flexible enough to work for any organisation or business.

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